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Ruth Ward is a grandmother, a retired nurse practitioner, a community leader, and a conservative .

As your voice in Concord, I've always worked to keep it local. It's why I ran for state senate in the first place: to return decisions back to local communities and bring the focus back to New Hampshire families

And I've kept this philosophy by maintaining my conservative principles of less government, lower taxes, and individual liberty. 

I hope I can earn your vote to continue this important work in Concord. We've got so much more to do to keep New Hampshire the beacon of freedom and prosperity in the Northeast. 

- Ruth Ward 

And she's taking

New Hampshire to new heights. 

Building a freer and more affordable New Hampshire. 

Fighting taxes & wasteful spending

Protecting Constitutional Rights

Improving education by innovation

Bringing more good-paying jobs to rural New Hampshire

Join Ruth's Team!


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